Eksperci IT - specjalizujący się w optymalizowaniu działania serwerów: WebSphere & WebLogic

About us

About us
If you are planning outsourcing your IT work, you might want to consider choosing one partner to support your operations in many fields at the same time. For the past 15 years we have been successfully completing challenges posed by our clients and we are able to share expert knowledge of new technologies, which we have been using when implementing, integrating and optimising IT systems.


We are not a big corporation, as it is NOT our aim to be the biggest – we only want to be THE BEST. Thanks to this, we are closer to our customers and we guarantee high quality services at reasonable prices.

Our firms:

Our Clients

Long-term cooperation and mutual trust. Thank you and we are ready for more!

More than 150 projects

A small team means lower costs to us, and more value for you.

15 years of experience

in the age of the internet, smartphones and social media.

We guarantee:

  • loyalty and discretion
  • full commitment
  • safety of our services
  • mutually satisfying cooperation
  • professionally competent staff
  • high quality services at attractive prices
  • uniqueness of our solutions

Our areas of activity:

  • implementing infrastructure
  • hiring out IT experts
  • IT systems management
  • creating websites, applications, SEO
  • IT training in: WebSphere, Weblogic
  • IT systems maintenance and monitoring