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Cooperation models

Cooperation models

FlexNet offers customers flexibility in terms of choosing any cooperation model. We can provide outsourcing services, hire out single employees, groups of employees with a designated Project Manager, we also implement complete IT projects. The services may be rendered both at the customer’s site, other sites specified by the customer, as well as remotely from FlexNet office.

Cooperation models

01. Team Extension
Supplementing the customer’s existing team with FlexNet specialists.

02. Project Outsourcing
Project team assigned to implementation of a given project.

03. Development Outsourcing
Developing an existing solution by FlexNet programmers.

Accounting models

01. Time & Material
Accounting for the time of work as per hourly rates.

02. Fixed price
Overall project implementation by a specified deadline and at a fixed price.

03. Body leasing
Our employees are hired to perform tasks specified by the customer

Onsite work
  • implementing new applications / systems
  • support following start-ups, plus trainings
  • infrastructure servicing and maintenance
  • integration of new IT systems
Offsite (remote) work
  • remote customer service system such as HelpDesk
  • development of implemented software
  • IT systems maintenance and development by means of VPN
  • monitoring the infrastructure and quick response / repair.