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CRM Systems

CRM Systems

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business strategy aimed at optimising the company performance, which consists in managing the whole cycle of the client-company relation and which helps optimise and streamline sales processes and overall customer service.

Selected elements of CRM functionality:
  • convenient and efficient management of data on companies and their employees
  • recording contacts with customers (describing the process of telephone calls/meetings, time, result etc.)
  • planning tasks to do (assigned persons, deadlines, priorities, task statuses)
  • visualisation of appointments in a calendar form with several view modes (daily, weekly, monthly)

A company makes profits thanks to its customers, so in order to meet the market requirements, companies need a good information flow. The CRM system helps concentrate on customers, therefore it is indispensable not only in big corporations, but also in the SME sector.

Benefits of the system:
  • the system/ application operation speed
  • no installation at the customer’s side (no servicing of the users’ computers)
  • low requirements regarding hardware and operating systems (inter alia, free Linux server system)
  • easy data migration from previously applied data bases or sets
  • multilingual version (language is selected when starting up the program)
  • possible cooperation between persons in different locations via the internet
  • works independently from the customer’s platform (users’ computers are not required to operate in Windows only)
  • enables remote work (while safety is not compromised), including mobile devices (laptop, PDA)
  • optimising and streamlining sales and customer service processes due to continuous monitoring of contactsmonitorowaniu kontaktów