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Mailing systems

Mailing systems
What do we do?
  • management of e-mail address databases
  • working on contents and creating e-mail messages
  • active support of Public Relations and Online Sales departments
  • building relationships with customers and brand loyalty through mailing
  • increasing brand awareness and knowledge of brand products
Mailing is a solution for you, if:
  • you have a database of your customers’ e-mail addresses
  • you want your customers to revisit your webpage
  • low cost of reaching one person
  • regular contact with potential customers
  • boosting your corporate image
  • you decide when to run the campaign
  • the price is known in advance (e-mail size does not matter)
  • significant support of promotion and sales – boosting the sales
  • the more e-mails you send, the less you pay per each of them
  • easy access to several thousand potential buyers
  • precise and effective form of advertising, directly reaching customers