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Performance tuning and maintenance

Performance tuning and maintenance

Leave any technical issues to us, while you concentrate on your business – this is the shortest way to describe our service offer consisting in IT systems maintenance and IT infrastructure management.

Our offer is addressed to companies which:
  • want to eliminate recurring problems and automate the maintenance
  • want to decrease their IT systems maintenance costs
  • want to change their current IT systems maintenance provider
We provide our services:
  • 7/24 (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) {premium}
  • 5/8 (5 days a week, 8 hours a day) {business}
  • ponline (remote) assistance or assistance at the customer’s site

We offer our assistance to customers who have products that we supplied, as well as all those who need professional service and help in solving problems with their current IT system.

Benefits of cooperation with us:
  • safety of implemented changes
  • guarantee of high quality and short repair times
  • regular assistance of many experts specialising in various areas of IT
  • easy access to the latest solutions and technologies
  • changing the investment costs into operating costs
  • increasing the transparency of IT costs – establishing flat monthly rates
We ensure:
  • remote assistance
  • consultations on the phone
  • access to the Issue Tracking System (ITS)
  • flat rates for modifications / support
  • response and fixing any errors within specified time period (SLA)
  • monthly reports with information on any corrections made
What makes us better than others:
  • long-standing experience
  • flexibility in terms of work organisation
  • partnering approach
  • high quality of contracted work
  • work remotely or at the customer’s site
Service prices depend on:
  • number of devices (servers, computers)
  • company head office / branch location
  • expected response time as per SLA
  • additional requirements of the customer