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Prices – general terms and conditions

Prices – general terms and conditions

Prices of group and individual trainings to be implemented in any place in Poland are determined on an individual basis.

Signing up
If you are interested in any given training, please contact us via e-mail and tell us what you are looking for. When we know the areas of your interest and your expectations as to preferred dates, we will do our best so that you can participate in our training.

Please send an e-mail with a preliminary confirmation of your intention to participate in our training. The final confirmation of your participation will be payment of the whole or a part of the training fee.

Terms and conditions of payment
Payment of the whole price as per proforma invoice or payment of the minimum reservation fee being 25% of the total value must be made before the training. On receiving the payment we immediately confirm the reservation of the agreed training date. On completion of the training, a VAT invoice is issued.

Trainings at the customer’s site
At a customer’s request, trainings may be held at any location in Poland.

In case of trainings to be held at the customer’s office, our trainer contacts the customer’s staff beforehand so as to fix any technical details such as workstations requirements etc. Trainings at the customer’s office also enable transferring specialist knowledge in the area of the customer’s interest. Our training courses may be tailored to individual needs that meet the customer’s environment requirements. This form of training saves time and money.

The training fee also covers, for each of the participants:
+ Training materials;
+ Individual certificate to confirm participation in the course;
At the customer’s request, at the end of the course we can test the participants’ knowledge.

We always do our best to be as flexible as possible. If you need to withdraw from a training scheduled on any given date, please contact us as soon as possible – we will try and find a solution that will satisfy both parties. Very often, the training can be rescheduled.

Contact us
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please provide the scope of training / consultation that you wish to order and your preferred dates: Oracle WebLogic Server | IBM WebSphere Application Server or use the contact form.

Regular customers are offered attractive price discounts.