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Training vouchers

Training vouchers
01. What is the training voucher?
  • our vouchers entitle the holders to participate in a training on date(s) to be agreed laterhera
  • the vouchers may be issued to individual persons or groups for one specific, selected training
  • vouchers are valid for a specified period of time (a calendar year)
02. Benefits of purchasing vouchers:
  • effective use of budget resources in a given reporting period
  • fixed price guarantee (even if the training price goes up, the already purchased voucher remains valid)

We invite you to purchase our training vouchers to be used in 2015. The voucher makes it possible for a company to use funds under the current business year’s budget and have the training in the following year.

03. In order to obtain a training voucher, please:
  • fill and submit the sign-up form, indicating the name of the training chosen by you and invoice payer’s particulars
  • state the date from which the voucher is to be valid

On the basis of the received sign-up form FlexNet will issue a proforma invoice. On payment completion your voucher will be sent to your mailing address along with the VAT invoice. Any discounts apply to vouchers the same way as in the case of a direct purchase of a training course.

04. Download and fill in one of the forms:

If you are sure which employees will be taking part in the training, please fill in a sign-up form for each person separately. Otherwise please fill in the group sign-up form, stating the number of participants (without their personal details). A list of training participants may be supplied later, when booking the training date.